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better sleep.

Deeper, sweeter, and driven by 100% natural CBD.

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We all know the feeling

Spending hours each night trying to wind down before bed, only to wake up feeling just as tired as we were the night before.

A natural remedy
for your sleep

Lullaby Berry Tincture Potion

A natural remedy
for your sleep

Crafted and formulated to bring you into a deeper, more satisfying sleep.


Tired of being tired?

We know the feeling. Which is why we created a sleep solution that helps deepen your sleep and strengthen your energy the next day.

One tincture, a range of benefits.

Manage anxiety, insomnia, stress, and pain with just a few drops.

Made with natural ingredients

No shady sh*t, 100% natural ingredients, and way healthier
for your body than pricey synthetic pharmaceuticals..

Full-spectrum CBD

Made with sleep terpenes, our CBD naturally winds down your body before bed.

Premium melatonin

Potent and effective, our premium melatonin helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Blueberry extract

Naturally occurring blueberry extract for great taste and sleep support.