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CBD for Sleep: Why It’s Better to Take It Before Bed Than During The Day

Despite being controversial because of the compound it is related to, cannabis, CBD continues to grow in popularity and acceptance as scientists and researchers discover the multitude of health benefits it can bring to our body. One of the main health benefits of CBD is its therapeutic benefits, frequently being used for relaxation, calming, anxiety-easing, and stress-relieving purposes. In fact, it’s becoming so popular that people are beginning to turn to CBD whenever they need a sleeping aid instead of using the traditionally prescribed sleeping pills, which can lead to negative side effects in the long run.

But, if you are looking for therapeutic benefits, when should you take CBD? During daytime or when you’re about to go to bed at night? Well, if you are using CBD so you can relax at night, then clearly, you should take CBD at night time. In this article, we are going to take a further look at how CBD can help you relax and sleep, and why night time is the optimal time for you to take your CBD.

How CBD Helps You Sleep CBD, among other cannabinoids, is a compound that is found and extracted from the cannabis plant. It has numerous health and therapeutic effects on our body (including sleep improvement) because of the way it interacts with our physiological system, the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is a molecular system inside our body that can affect many of our physiological processes such as metabolism, mood, cognitive functions, stress, pain, and many more. This system is a powerful one, but if its function goes wrong, then it can cause mild to severe health problems or diseases.

Cannabinoids, mainly CBD, can counter and “fix” this problem by interacting with our endocannabinoid system. Once the oil is absorbed and integrated within the system, the CBD begins to show its respective health and therapeutic benefits.
For diseases, it can slow down or even reverse and stop the progression altogether. For therapeutic purposes in things like sleep, it can help on many levels. The CBD oil can potentially affect our sleeping patterns, helping us to sleep better at night, and even achieve a deeper level of sleep.

Why CBD Is More Effective at Night
Every person reacts in a unique way to CBD, which is why it’s important for you to determine the best time of day to take it. For many people, taking the CBD oil at night is both convenient and comforting.
However, in general, if relaxation and better sleep are your primary purposes for using CBD, it makes sense that you use it at night.
Why? It’s simple! If you want to relax, would you rather take CBD when you’re really just winding down or when you’re about to hustle up to work?

Of course, if you take CBD when you’re about to do a major activity, it’s either you negate the relaxing effects of CBD or you actually feel too relaxed to work. It’s important to note that CBD oil won’t ever make you high, but the calming effect is not always beneficial if you’re about to drink a cup of coffee or drink another caffeine beverage.
So, in general, if you use CBD to help you relax, take it at night when you’re about to sleep. It’s easy to remember, quick to take, and will help you swiftly drift into dreamland.

4 Reasons to Take CBD Before Bed

1) Helps You Wind Down After a Long Day
As mentioned above, in general, it is best to take CBD when you are already winding down if you use CBD for relaxation and sleep improvement purposes. This is because when you are already winding down, it will be easier for your body to actually relax – in this sense, CBD’s main purpose is to simply help you relax more as you already winding down.

For best results, you may want to try using oils like Lavender, Rose, and Geranium oil alongside the CBD to help your mind be calm.

2) Helps You Sleep Deeper
It is one thing to sleep for long hours, say for the standard 7-9 hour sleep, but it is another thing to have quality sleep, sometimes called “deep sleep.”

Just as it is important you sleep within the standard 7-9 hours, it is also important that you get that quality or deep sleep. It’s difficult to reach a level of a deep sleep, called REM sleep if our bodies are not relaxed. Taking CBD before bed can help our bodies prepare to release all tension so we can get REM sleep.

If you sleep for long hours and still wake up feeling fatigued, it’s a sign your sleep is not as deep and relaxing as it should be. CBD will help you get that deep sleep through its therapeutic and relaxing effects.

3) Wake Up Feeling More Refreshed
Because CBD helps you sleep at night and get that deep, relaxing, high-quality sleep, CBD will eventually help you with waking up more refreshed each morning.

This is very important because if you wake up feeling fatigued, which is sadly a state of many people today, you’ll move lethargically through the day as you lack the energy you’ll need to face the day.
If you frequently find yourself waking up feeling tired, then maybe its time to add something else to your sleep regime. Please check out our Lullaby Berry Tincture Potion here.

4) Relaxes Your Brain Before You Fall Asleep
Many people today sleep with their brains still active. That might sound kind of funny to you, but it’s true!

Maybe it’s because of their job, money, or other daily problems, but just as we need to address our problems, it is also equally important when to set aside our thoughts before bed, just as we set aside work and other commitments.

If we keep on thinking about our problems, dilemmas, and worries when we are about to sleep, it makes sense to say that we will not get quality sleep. If our brains are still brooding over a problem, it can might it impossible to fall asleep.

Gadget use, especially at night, coupled with Internet usage like social media is another reason why we have this “active brain” when we’re supposed to be sleeping. The constant stimulation makes it hard for our brain to turn off, or even try to turn off.

If you struggle with over-thinking, anxiety, chronic insomnia, or any other sleep condition CBD will help your brain relax and prepare your body to fall asleep before bed each night. Good quality sleep is crucial and we understand how frustrating it can be trying to fall asleep each night. Try out our Lullaby Berry Tincture Potion to help you sleep deeper and achieve more rest. Sleep deeper using Sweet Dreams.

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